Develop Your Clinical Skills

At the Collective for Psychological Wellness, our theoretical approach is grounded in neuropsychology, modern psychoanalysis, dialectical behavior therapy, mindfulness, and general psychological principles. We offer training in family therapy, DBT, group psychotherapy, as well as modern psychoanalytic techniques. We enjoy training clinicians in treatment approaches that create practical and meaningful changes in clients’ lives.

Family Therapy Training

We will explore effective strategies for addressing resistances to change. We will also discuss the practicalities of family treatment as well as special considerations when working with families that have divorced parents, step-families, co-parenting dilemmas, and youth-at-risk.

DBT Training

In this workshop, participants will gain a clear perspective on the underpinnings of DBT and obtain practical tools that will encourage clients to become better regulated, less distressed, and live happier, more fulfilling, and more enjoyable lives.

Modern Psychoanalysis: An Introduction

This workshop will introduce the basic techniques involved in Modern Psychoanalysis. Hyman Spotnitz created this form of treatment in the 1940’s, working in new ways within a traditional psychoanalytic framework. Modern Psychoanalysis is rooted in working through unconscious and non-conscious procedural experiences that cannot be accessed with insight alone.

Executive Functioning Training

This training will be focused on ADHD & Executive Functioning: Developmental Arrest in Affect Regulation. We will explore the importance of neurodevelopmental assessment and diagnosis, current research in genetic testing and epigenetics, psychopharmacology, and the necessary multi-pronged approach to treating Executive Functioning Disorders.