Become Comfortable

With Yourself

We Offer Treatment For

Lasting Change

At the Collective, we offer individual, group, and family psychotherapy, parent coaching, Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills training, and mentoring. We work psychodynamically by emphasizing the importance of the therapeutic relationship in combination with behavioral strategies designed to create changes in day to day living habits.

We offer treatment approaches that create opportunities to become more constructive so that clients begin to feel more comfortable with who they are. We offer individual and group treatment approaches that are practical, skill-based, and character changing. Through talking and implementing behavioral changes, we collaborate together to work through habitual patterns and assist clients to make more conscious and beneficial choices.

We specialize in working through repetitive, long-standing character patterns that limit one’s ability to cope effectively in family systems, intimate partnerships, work, and other interpersonal relationships. We treat disordered eating, self-harm, substance use, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and impulsivity issues within both a Dialectical Behavior Therapy context and a talk therapy approach. We also assist our clients on the path of self-discovery and interpersonal growth through the rich exploration of the unconscious. Through a longer term, therapeutic relationship, we help people understand themselves better and work through procedural patterns that interfere with their relationships, careers, and overall wellbeing.

Our mentoring program can be used in both a wrap around, supportive team approach, but also as a supplement for therapy provided by clinicians in the community. If you have clients that struggle with implementing their therapeutic goals, our mentors can be the extra support in the community that helps individuals increase self-care, follow through with school work, take concrete steps toward finding employment, and mindfulness in action. In combination with DBT, mentoring is an excellent resource for clients. Mentors are the support on the ground that can assist clients with utilizing their DBT skills in their lives. Mentors are available to support the client, their therapy, as well as the parents. Mentors can take on the day to day challenges of working with schedules, helping clients set up appointments and follow through with them, assignment tracking and organizing, and living skills such as exercise, cooking, and even meditation. We have helped a number of adolescents and young adults address their motivational challenges, so that they can manifest and follow through with their goals. If you would like more information on these services, please feel free to call to learn more about how we can help!

Wrap-Around Team-based Treatment for Adolescents, Young Adults, & Families:

We offer clinical and mentoring support as well as Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills groups in a wrap-around, team approach. When we work with teens and young adults who are struggling with failure-to-launch, substance abuse, self-harm, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, anger problems, and relationship difficulties, we collaborate with our clients and their families to come up with a treatment plan that will effectively create change and progress. We offer a team approach to support adolescents, young adults and their families in reaching their therapeutic goals. Sometimes families work with us to prevent their kids from going to a higher level of care and sometimes our families use our services to support the transition home from wilderness or therapeutic residential programs.

Our clinical services include individual psychotherapy, family psychotherapy, and parent coaching. We include parents in the therapeutic process in order to support the whole family toward making changes from a systems perspective. In other words, if one member makes progress, all members are affected by the change. Mentors are included on our team for the purpose of implementing independent living skills. Parents often find the support of a mentor decreases power struggling and improves the quality of their relationships with their kids.

We work to support our adolescent and young adult clients to become independent and successful with academic and career pursuits, stable emotionally and psychologically, and capable of enjoying their lives free of impulsive, destructive behaviors. We hope that our clients begin to make more constructive choices towards independence and overall well-being.