Understand Yourself

Through Relationship

DBT Groups

DBT uses specific skills and strategies to help people create healthier lives. Using DBT skills on a daily basis can increase self compassion which translates into improved self esteem and more functional relationships.

Psychotherapy Groups

Dr. Olson and Dr. Kaklauskas facilitate the psychotherapy groups. These groups offers clients the opportunity to develop more effective communication strategies and a deeper understanding of oneself in relationship to others.

Training Groups

Gain group leadership skills while also being a part of a group process. Clinicians learn about themselves while also studying group leader’s interventions.

Consultation Groups

In our clinical consultation groups, we offer a supportive environment in which to explore and understand emotional inductions and countertransferential reactions.

MBSR Group

This course offers practical, sound strategies to help people create and sustain daily mindfulness practices, with physical and emotional benefits that have a semi-permanent effect.