Executive Functioning

with Christine Denning, MA, LPC


ADD is one of nine conditions in a spectrum, defined by Temple Grandin first as neuro-atypical, and is now quickly evolving in to  re-definition as Neurodiverse.  At least 30% of the general population falls into this category, yet therapists have little to no training in this area. 

 Incorporating work from Russell Barkley, Peter Fonagy, James Masterson, Marsha Linehan, Bessel Van DerKolk,  David Grand and others, Christine has developed a collaborative model of assessment and treatment that explores and treats a frequently under or misdiagnosed population.

 The day-long training will provide you with Christine’s unique Assessment and Complex Differential Diagnostic Intake Method.  Using multimodal data points in a client’s neurodevelopmental history, while employing current standards of care, including psychodynamic therapy, Mindfulness and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, psychopharmacological, and psycho-educational interventions, a targeted, effective treatment plan is developed .  This intensive is a must for anyone working with children and adolescents.  The inclusion of neurodiversity in treatment planning, is critical for all psychotherapists, psychiatrists, primary care doctors, educators, parents, people who work with children and adolescents.  This training has been adapted and will be used in school districts, mental health facilities, and health departments nationwide. 

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Christine Denning

Christine Denning


Christine has been in private practice for 22 years. She specializes in Crisis Counseling and Psychotherapy for Adolescents and their Families, Young Adults, and Individuals. Her training and back ground includes EMDR I & II, Brainspotting I & II, Trauma Disorders, Dissociative Identity Disorders, ADHD, and Executive Functioning Disorders, Highly Sensitive Children and Adults.

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