Academic and Vocational Coaching

Comprehensive Academic and Vocational Coaching:

Many of our clients struggle with academic and career issues. Our clients sometimes have Attention-Deficit and Hyperactive disorders, Executive Functioning disorders, Learning Disabilities, and Autism spectrum difficulties. We work collaboratively with clients to engage them in academic support with local middle schools and high schools, Naropa University, Front Range Community College, the University of Colorado at Boulder and Denver, and The University of Denver, as well as other local colleges. Our college-oriented clients sometimes return to school after a gap year or an academic break by taking one or two courses at local community colleges or the Continuing Education Program at CU. These academic tracks allow students to gain confidence in their academic abilities and eventually engage as fully or partially matriculated students.

At CPW, we encourage clients to develop and build their own executive functioning capacities and personal strategies to cope effectively with school stressors and/or learning disabilities. Our coaches strategize and problem solve with clients to create individualized support plans to organize and follow through with academic expectations. Clients learn to access support services at their school, such as effectively engaging with disability services on campus and advocating for important academic accommodations. These accommodations can include: encouraging teachers and professors to engage in universal design process (universal standards that support students with learning challenges), extended time on in-classroom and out-of-classroom assignments and exams, proof reading assignment support, note taking assistance, recording lectures, and technology assistance programs for both exams, classroom time, and assignments. Our team coordinates care with psychologists for psychological testing and documentation of learning challenges, neurofeedback providers, as well as psychiatrists to provide the best standard of care approach toward academic success and independence. We support our clients to utilize academic support services that will give them equal access to success in their choice of learning environments.

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